has been approved as a security and surveillance company before the D.G.P. (General Police Directorate) with the registration number in the general registry of Security companies, Ministry of the Interior, with number 1854.

It is a 100% Spanish company, with 28 years of experience in the sector whose priority is to satisfy the needs of its clients in matters of Private Security, at any point within the Canary Islands Autonomous Community and in a personalized way.

Therefore, in FOX SEGURIDAD, S.L. we work under one objective, quality and efficiency in the service, always looking for the common success between company and client.


Our staff is fully qualified to control the security guards in each service. The knowledge of our security guards, and the cordial treatment between company and worker, allow us to work in a good environment and find a quality solution, fast and effective for each case and incidence that occurs.

For that reason, all our services are followed by a control and monitoring from the main headquarters. Both the start and end of each service go through a telematic monitoring which guarantees that you have a comprehensive and perfect management of each service performed.

To guarantee the client that the Security Guards’ work is done correctly, a system is established for patrol controls, in which the Security Guard’s presence is justified by means of a checkpoint scanning system, carrying out their patrols at the stipulated hours.

FOX SEGURIDAD,S.L. wants to ensure that all this is fulfilled, so to achieve satisfactorily all the above objectives, we offer additional controls:

The work of the Inspectors – With physical supervision by our inspectors, it is verified that the surveillance services are carried out correctly, checking the work performed by each Security employee at every moment, each area where they are, and guaranteeing quality and peace to all our clients.

Motivation – One of the most important elements to make everything work correctly is our workers, that's why we emphasize their motivation and attend to the suggestions they may have for the improvement and realization of the service with more comfort. That is why we have workers with more than 15 years with us and who continue to carry out their services with the same professionalism.


FOX SEGURIDAD, S.L. knows the importance of the training for our workers, therefore, from our HR department, we do continuous training courses. In this way we give assurance that our staff is at all times prepared to carry out the services and for any incident that may arise.


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FOX SEGURIDAD, S.L. The company has contracted a Civil Liability Insurance policy, which guarantees the risk resulting from those actions carried out by our staff in the development of their service, for an amount of € 1,200,000, which covers Professional Civil Liability, Exploitation C.L and C.L. for Work accidents.


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